About qipartners

qipartners is dedicated to assisting investors and developers realise opportunities in the evolving infrastructure sector. See news for our views on the future of the infrastructure sector.

The Principal of qipartners is Tony Bellas (see key people) who has extensive experience in infrastructure development, financing and management, at senior levels in the private and public sectors.  

Our Approach

"Partners" in the qipartners name is significant. It reflects qipartners mode of operation. qipartners operates through partnerships and alliances with investors, infrastructure managers and other experts to optimise outcomes. Either as advisers or venture partners we take an alliance approach, seeking to form long term relationships with our business partners where we enhance value through our specialist experience and innovative thinking, and by ensuring an alignment of interests

See links to some of qipartners alliance partners.

Our roles

• Advisory and arranging role in relation to infrastructure value
  enhancement opportunities, whether through acquisition or
  divestment, development, restructuring or refinancing,
  consolidation or disaggregation
Structuring commercial and financing arrangements to ensure
  optimal risk allocation
Provide the financial modelling necessary to facilitate these
Arrange equity and debt funding
Provide ongoing management services as necessary to ensure
  successful outcomes
Facilitate joint venture arrangements, access arrangements, or other commercial arrangements
  to underpin successful infrastructure outcomes
Advising infrastructure vendors on appropriate avenues to market and how to structure a sale
• A
dvising bidders and potential acquirers on bid strategy and structuring